At Home Demo Drive

Have you been wanting to get behind the wheel of a Lincoln model, but haven't gotten around to scheduling a demo drive? We don't blame you, taking the time to come to the dealership amidst your busy schedule can be a nuisance. Luckily for Calgary shoppers, Woodridge Lincoln, brings the demo driving experience to your door for the ultimate luxury experience.

Learn More About the Woodridge Lincoln At Home Demo Drive Experience

If you want to test out one of our Pre-Owned Lincoln car or SUV, this is one of the easiest ways to do it. Enjoy the stress-free environment of your own home and the expertise of our Qualified Lincoln Product Specialist. You're not tied down to a sale, this is simply a service for you to enjoy along your path towards automotive ownership.

Choose a Location: Pick a Pre-Owned Lincoln model you like from our inventory and then choose the time, date, and location for your demo drive. It doesn't have to be your home, it could even be your workplace for greater convenience, as long as it's within 30 kms of our dealership.

Keep Tabs on Your Appointment: We'll keep you up to date with texts on the day of your appointment, so you know when to meet us. Once our specialist arrives, you're free to try out the vehicle as you please and ask any questions.

Schedule Your At Home Demo Drive with a Pre-Owned Lincoln Today!

It's time to take luxury to the next level with Woodridge Lincoln At Home Demo Drive. If you live in Calgary, we're here to bring your dream Lincoln to your doorstep. Simply use the online form, it takes less than five minutes to fill out, to schedule your appointment for a time that works with your schedule. We'll see you at home!

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