Here at Woodridge we are committed to the longevity of hybrid vehicles and green thinking, which is why we have invested significantly in hybrid technology.

We are electric vehicle certified. Our hybrid trained technician and hybrid service equipment can service hybrids as well as plug in hybrids and electric vehicles coming in the future. We are investing in charging stations for plugin hybrids and electric vehicles.

A hybrid is unique because its engine is part gasoline and part electric motor. The electric motor mitigates the use of the gasoline engine, maximizing fuel efficiency.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid, in most cases, at low speeds and for short distances, runs exclusively on electricity. At higher speeds, and when more power in needed, the gasoline engine kicks in.

The MKZ also features a Regenerative Braking System, which stores braking energy for later use.

We are dedicated to changing with technology to continue to provide exceptional service for our customers.